Cuban mercenary shows trench before dying in Ukraine

A Cuban mercenary in the service of Russia who was shot down by Ukrainian dronerecorded a video in which he showed the ditch where he had taken shelter shortly before he died.

Lester Mora Pichardo, 37 years old and native of Santa ClaraHe bled to death from a drone strike in the hole where the Russian army held him along with two other Russian soldiers.

“Here, in a piece of cave, I don’t know, a hole; here someone is supposed to sleep but they are not there. And here I sleep, in another hole, a private hole, and anything but me Not appropriate,” he said in the video released by America TV,

Lester said he had cigarettes, water and a small box of food, but was stubborn despite only being there a day.

“The bombs are going off, damn it. Watch out. Let’s see how many days I’ll spend here. I’m stubborn, I arrived yesterday and I’m already stubborn. But as the saying goes: a sacrifice, a gain but I swear “When the year is over, I will never want to know about the war again,” he insisted.

As told by Mora Pichardo’s friends America TVCuban had been wounded in his first confrontation in the war some time earlier and had to be hospitalized.

When he recovered from his wounds he was forced to go to the battlefield again and died.

Mora Pichardo traveled to Russia on July 6, 2023, in a group of about 40 Cubans recruited by Russia with one-year contracts.

Less than a month later, he wrote to his family in Cuba informing them that he had been transferred to a residence outside Moscow, where he was physically and medically examined. According to his story, he did not like what was going on there, because there were a lot of soldiers there and they did not tell him anything about the supposed job for which he was hired.

In another communication, he told them that he was in a bunker in a military concentration camp, where he was practically forced to live, because they spoke to them only in Russian and none of the Cubans knew this language. Was.

Mora Pichardo, born on September 4, 1986, was married in Cuba and had children. He would be the sixth Cuban mercenary confirmed dead since the invasion of Ukraine began.


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