Cuban woman shocked by theft of her Rolls-Royce from a restaurant parking lot in Miami

For a Cuban businesswoman yilian iglesiasYillian, known as The Mortgage Diva, had her Rolls-Royce stolen in the parking lot of a famous Miami restaurant.

The woman was having dinner with her husband and his friends when the parking valet entered the restaurant and interrupted the dinner to tell her that her luxury car had been taken.

“Imagine the valet came to pick me up from the parking lot to tell me that my Rolls-Royce had been stolen.”Yillian was heard saying in an Instagram Live which was published on her Instagram profile.

The incidents took place at Komodo Restaurant in Miami. And besides Yilian, her friends also reported the incidents through their social networks.

As mentioned in the video, this is a completely new special edition vehicle. In fact, Yillian’s previous Instagram post was a video showing her Rolls-Royce.

Yilian Iglesias’s video was shared on the account un_martitodurako8_live_official Where netizens did not miss the opportunity to comment on the way the woman referred to the brand of car.

“And can’t you say ‘They stole my car?'”, “I’m a Rolls-Royce and I’m suing them for misplacing the name” or “They took the Rolls Royce”There are some comments that are read along with the video.

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