Cubans have been called to thank the Madrid hospital for admitting Amanda

Cuban doctor Lucio Enriquez Nodarce Requested on social networks to thank the Spanish hospital that received the girl’s case Amanda Lemus Ortizwhich from monday She has been admitted to Cuba for the long-awaited and necessary liver transplant that she has been waiting for for almost a year.,

“I leave you at the end of this note a link to a form to contact the University Hospital of La Paz in Madrid, the idea is that we write as a thank you on behalf of all the Cuban people (and not from the dictatorship) Attention patient Amanda Lemus Ortiz (date of birth 12/31/2021),” Enriquez Nodarce wrote to inspire the Cuban community, which was very active in this. The fundraising campaign that ultimately secured Amanda’s relocation and operation,

He added that “There, in addition to expressing our gratitude, we can summarize what the girl’s story has been like.”

The doctor explained the steps to leave a message on the health institute’s page and also shared the message he had sent.

“I want to thank you on behalf of the Cuban people for accepting Amanda as your patient, and not on behalf of the dictatorship, which is not the same. Civil society and good Cubans have been campaigning for months to rescue the girl, after the Cuban dictatorship had declared her destitute. If not for our pressure, Amanda would have died in Cuba, as she did. With other Cuban children,” he expressed in his message.

He confirmed to them that “the Cuban dictatorship wanted to take credit for the achievement of taking him to Spain, but when they saw the pressure they were getting online from all the Cubans, and the mother also demanded that they not do it they Took a step. May his daughter die.”

In the comments section, people assured their support for the idea and even claimed to have sent the message. One of the people who supported the initiative was Cuban activist Yamilka Lafita, known as Lara Crofts on social networks, and one of the main promoters of aid to Amanda.

“Excellent idea, I support it and share it. Thanking the doctors and the Spanish people in general (the Cubans present there) for the support they are giving their families is a fair and civic action that all of us involved in the case in one way or another should do,” Crofts. he said.

Facebook Capture/Lara Crofts

As soon as she arrived in Spain, little Amanda, who is admitted to Madrid’s La Paz University Hospital, began receiving treatment for her condition of bile duct atresia.

Doctors confirmed that it was impossible to perform any operation due to the serious deterioration in his health. And you have to wait at least three weeks.

“Amanda was admitted directly to the intensive care unit of the hospital, where they began to perform several examinations. The specialist was impressed by the physical deterioration of the child, he informed the mother that he had to stabilize several parameters before performing an intervention on her. . Including calcium and weight,” Crofts explained in a Post On Facebook at the beginning of the week.

The case gained considerable notoriety on social networks since the end of January The little girl’s mother apologized in an emotional post on FacebookDue to not being able to provide him the necessary medical care and treatment.

His words immediately united thousands of Cubans inside and outside the island, who offered economic and emotional support to the family.

In January, in view of the uproar arising from the situation of the minor, MINSAP was forced to issue a statement Where he explained that Amanda had undergone a liver transplant from an indicated living donor and “coordination is being done with specialized institutions in other countries” to provide a solution.

The organization is more concerned that the matter will continue to be publicized on the Internet rather than actually being solved CaseThe news drew widespread criticism from dozens of Cubans who demanded to know with which countries the alleged coordination was being carried out and how long they would have to wait.

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