Cuphead The Delicious Last Course Android & iOS Mobile Version Free Download

“Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course” Android & iOS mobile version free download

Cuphead’s delicious final dish is an updated version of the classic adventure Cuphead, introducing a new character called “The Grail Lady.”

In addition to Caphead and Magman, there are now three characters to choose from. Additionally, the update significantly expands the arsenal by adding new features and a range of mods. The gameplay of Cuphead – The Tasty Last Course remains unchanged from the original adventure. There are all kinds of tough bosses. Each boss attacks in a unique way, and every aspect of the fight will fundamentally change your combat strategy.

These events take place on a brand new continent called “Ink Island”. In this world, the heroes meet another protagonist – a chef named Saltback. He needed help getting through. The Grail Lady is not only available in add-on content, but also in the main storyline. There is no common enemy in the story. The only thing you have to do is fight the boss.

You can move freely around the world map while fighting enemies and players. Players can choose the order in which they fight the beasts. Some passages will be closed until the previous enemy is killed.

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