Daniel Bisogno’s family would like to take him abroad for treatment

Daniel Bisagno’s health There is concern in the entertainment world, with new reports suggesting that his family is considering flying him to the United States for specialized medical treatment.

Latest health report provided by Pati Chapoy‘Ventanendo’ host reveals Daniel Bisogno kept in intensive care From a few days ago. Although it was mentioned possibility of expulsionNo further official information has been provided regarding its current status.

yes, a doctor influential person He gave his opinion about the health of the driver as per the information he has and said that although he does not have the file, but what the scene looks like. At present it will not be possible to take him out because the driver will be very weak.,

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Recently, Daniel Bisogno was admitted to the hospital in an emergency and was suffering from liver problems. / Instagram: Daniel Bisagno

They will take Daniel Bisagno to the United States

According to the program ‘Gossip No Like’, one of the rumors that have arisen regarding the case of Daniel Bisagno is that His family may be considering the option of relocating him to the United States to receive medical care. Reporter Chabli Huerta reported on the possibility of this transfer, although he highlighted lack of official confirmation And the discretion that surrounds the situation in the hospital where the famous person is.

Huerta shared details about his effort enter intensive care area Where Daniel Bisogno is believed to be, but found that access was restricted and the presence of family members or media colleagues was not observed as the area is guarded.

Camera captured the event Bisogno’s ex-wife In the hospital where he takes great care of his daughter’s father.

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This is how they imprisoned Bisogno’s ex-wife in the hospital / YouTube: Gossip No Like

despite Rumors about a possible transfer, The situation remains uncertain and official confirmation is awaited from the driver’s family or representatives.

for its part, Javier Ceriani confirms information about Daniel Bisagno’s interest in transferring to the United StatesPointing out that this request was known since the morning of 21 February.

meanwhile, Daniel Bisogno’s health condition There remains cause for concern and more information about his treatment and possible transfer is expected to be provided in the coming days. The driver’s family and followers are anxiously waiting for his speedy recovery.

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