Dead Cells Mobile Full Version Download

Dead cells mobile full version download

Dead Cells is a stunning rogue-like platformer that combines elements of Metroidvania with a real battle between the protagonist and the ever-changing terrain around the castle. Our protagonist is on a quest to escape the castle maze.

He will attempt to repeatedly fight against constantly spawning opponents. At random locations on the map, players can find a variety of weapons with different functions. Each death completes the process of character upgrading. Players will be equipped with approximately 100 skills and unique characteristics to help you deal with various evolving creatures.

The protagonist’s weapons will continue to change, and so will his appearance. His expression was that of a dead adversary. For example, you can carry two weapons, such as a knife and an erector. Additionally, you can carry throwing knives and grenades on other devices.

Every enemy drops cells. After the “Cell” stage, you will improve your skills. Even though they look small, they are very helpful throughout the game. One example is the ability to consume health potions frequently. For example, the Poison Knife’s poison is 3%, causing more damage.

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