Delfín beat Deportivo Cuenca 5–2 and qualified for the group stage of the Copa Sudamericana. football | game

Manta’s Delfín qualified for the group stage of the Copa Sudamericana by defeating Deportivo Cuenca 2-5 in the previous stage of the regional tournament in a match played at the Independiente del Valle Club stadium this Wednesday.

The Delfin qualifying goal was scored by José Angulo with a double at 9 and 59 minutes, with Argentine defender Ignacio Gariglio (m.30), his compatriot Brian Oyola (m.41) and Uruguay’s Guillermo Frata (m.41) scoring an own goal. Did. .M.75).

Argentina’s Raul Becerra scored a double in the 69th and 90th minutes.

Delfín showed a high dose of effectiveness on the opposition goal, reflected by Angulo’s first goal, taking advantage of a long-range pass from Gareglio, he dodged Fraita’s mark to beat goalkeeper Hamilton Piedra with a touch between the legs. .

Deportivo Cuenca felt hurt and began to threaten the visiting goal with more desire than order, but without accuracy in each shot, while their opponent was waiting for them methodically and ready to counterattack.

The second goal of the team from the coastal province of Manabi fell after Oyola’s accurate corner kick, his compatriot Gariglio received the ball and broke the goal of Deportivo Cuenca with a half turn and short distance.

In another attack from the right, youngster Mekel Reyes enabled Oyola at the other end, who dominated the ball and launched a cross shot at mid-height to beat Piedra.

Argentina’s Raul Becerra, who had come on to replace Danny Luna at the start of the second half, missed Cuenca in stoppage time as, after a brilliant assist from Walter Chala, he was unable to finish against an empty goal.

‘Tin’ Angulo, as the Delfin scorer is called, took advantage of a ball left by goalkeeper Piedra and on the half-turn he scored the fourth for his team and the second on his personal account.

The concession for the so-called ‘Expresso Australasia’ was from Argentine Becerra after a corner kick, after a small assist from his compatriot Rodrigo Melo.

Manabí scored the fifth goal in his own goal after defender Fratta accidentally headed the ball into Cuenca’s goal following Eric Zuniga’s delayed cross.

Cuenca scored again from Becerra’s precise header, reducing his team’s painful defeat.(D)

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