Depressed Dani Alves could commit suicide: alarm in Spanish prison with strict security protocols Other football leagues

Alert with Danny Alves in Briones 2 prison in Barcelona, ​​Spain, where he is being held awaiting trial in a case in which a young woman accused him of sexual assault in a nightclub in the Catalan city. December 2022.

The 40-year-old Brazilian is being examined at the prison site and is being kept under close surveillance by Brian 2 security due to the possibility of suicide.

As Emma García exposed in the last few hours, the prison decided to adjust its security and monitoring measures to prevent the Brazilian from taking his own life, since his mental state would not be the best.

“Extreme measures have been taken. He went into a recession as a result of the lawsuit. Like sad, disappointed. Teachers and officials are seen supporting him. The fear that it will be cut or someone will try to do something crazy or stories like that. The day after the trial he was with that protocol, “said the prisoner, partner of Dani Alves in the Telecinco program ‘Fiesta’.

Prison authorities adopted a three-step protocol: ‘Risk Assessment’, ‘Safety Measures’ and ‘Support Programme’. Dani Alves is constantly evaluating his situation and monitoring has been increased to control access to dangerous objects.

In addition, the protocol talks about emotional support for prisoners with individual therapy, leisure activities to provide distraction and attendance at self-help groups.


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