Dermatology historian Xavier Sierra passes away

he died in that Roof Adopting a Dermatologist javier sierra valenti, The sad news was announced by the President of College of Official Physicians of Barcelona (COMB), jame padroswhich defined him as “a humanist doctor, a great and generous disseminator of history, art and culture”. An irreparable loss.

This also Spanish Academy of Dermatology Venereology (AEDV)In a note signed by its Chairman Yolanda GilabertWanted to express his regret over Sierra’s death.

Bachelor of Medicine from Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)Specialized as a dermatologist in Madrid, between Complutense (where he received his doctorate) and San Carlos Clinical Hospital,

After a brief period in Madrid, the doctor from Verona devoted the rest of his time to providing care as a doctor in Terrassa and Barcelona. Catalan Health Institute (ICS)subspecialization in the field of History of Dermatology, He was a founding member and vice president of European Society for the History of Dermatology,

Elected Academician of Royal Academy of Medicine of CataloniaReceived, among other awards COMB Professional Excellence,

he also had time to graduate humanities By Oberta de CatalunyaWhich was a sign that his innate curiosity had opened other doors in his mind.

Thus, his facets as a poet, essayist, translator came to the fore… He was a writer of ‘blogs’.A dermatologist in the museum‘, with over 1,800 entries that weave a network between their uniqueness and art. “Be it artistic, historical or anthropological, a dermatologist can contribute new perspectives,” Sierra herself commented on her blog as a declaration of intent.

This blog caught the attention of writers and film directors antoni verdaguerWhich made him the hero of the documentary’Dr. Javier Sierra, Museum Dermatologist‘Within a series dedicated to the unique people of Terrassa.

He spoke Catalan, Spanish, Galician, French and Italian and made himself understood and explained in English.

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