Diego Bermudez honored for his innovative methods of teaching histology

Tuesday, January 2, 2024, 00:06

Professor of Medicine Diego Bermúdez Flores, Director of the Department of Human Physiology, Human Histology, Pathological Anatomy and Sports Physical Education, has received this year the Award for Best Teaching Practice by the Lilly Foundation and the President of Medical Education of the University Complutense. of Madrid, within the Medical Education Awards that they announce annually. The specialty of the award is that medical students themselves propose the winner.

On the proposal of medical students, the jury has awarded the prize for best teaching practice to the ‘Histology’ project directed by Professor Diego Bermúdez of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Málaga, for the innovative methodology used in the classroom. With resources such as ‘podcasts’, word games or social networks, the acquisition of knowledge and the satisfaction of this tool in students and teachers. The topics on his Spotify account, Histolcast, are available to both his students and any medical student interested in keeping a summary of these topics.

Professor Bermúdez Flores addresses the histological structure of organs from a medical point of view, which is the content of the subject. But he thought it would be convenient for his students to combine these theoretical classes with related pathology. Thus he decided to include brief interviews with experts on the subjects that are the subject of his summary.

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