El Salvador pursues expansion and innovation

The most admired Salvadoran companies have been building their regional presence for several decades.

By Pablo Balcarres – Strategy & Business Magazine

Acclaimed in El Salvador features strong companies in the country that have enjoyed remarkable expansion for many years into other countries in Central America and even Latin America.

Grupo Poma, Grupo Agricel, Almacenes Simen, Boquitas Diana, Aeroman and Super Selectos are among the companies that consistently remain among the most admired by E&N audiences.

El Salvador pursues expansion and innovation

In terms of businessmen, Ricardo Poma, CEO of Grupo Poma, has received the most mentions in these specials. Other members of the Poma family have also earned honors for their work, including Fernando Poma (Real Hotels & Resorts) and Alejandro Poma (Grupo Autofacil).

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Salvadorans also admire Roberto Creta, now president of Grupo Abra, a leader who has gone far with his businesses. He led TACA to integrate with Avianca and this year consolidated a new business adventure by founding Grupo Abra following a deal with Brazilian airline GOL.

Young entrepreneurs with business ideas and an emphasis on innovation or sustainability have emerged in recent years to take place among the acclaimed, among them Rodrigo Tona (Terranova), Alfredo Attanasio Cader (Uassist.me) or Diego de Sola (Sola’s Grupo ) Are included. ,

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It is worth remembering the legacy of Roberto Murray Meza† (1956-2022), protagonist of six editions of Admirados. He left his mark through Grupo Agricel’s expansion and his pivotal role in corporate social responsibility matters.

El Salvador pursues expansion and innovation

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