Factorio Android & iOS Mobile Version Free Download

Factorio Android and iOS mobile version free download

In the future, everything needed to ensure a happy and peaceful life must be available. Factorio is a sandbox-based 2D graphics game where you need to fully equip a futuristic planet to support humanity. After arriving at a new location, you must extract materials, create elements from them, and build buildings so that future people can live peacefully and peacefully. Remember, Earth hates colonizers.

Free-to-play mode or story mode allows players to create a personalized character that suits their preferences. He can move freely on the map, the size of which was previously controlled. The world you explore is rich in natural resources – minerals, water, plants and building materials, however, accessing these resources requires specialized equipment that is not currently available.

Materials can be extracted manually or using specialized equipment. If you want to continue into the future, you will have to build mining structures and processing facilities in some form. If your character cannot complete all the recycling materials immediately, the game will notify you that it is time to build a new recycling facility. In Factorio, you are responsible for building processing chains, correcting results, and participating in the continuous improvement of your processes.

Design structures with the ability to recycle materials;
Find a way to bring the materials you need to the base
Don’t forget about the arthropods that try to sabotage your work due to environmental contamination. Turrets, stone walls, and mines are needed to stop arthropod attacks. Tanks, heavy artillery, and other weapons can be used to destroy their hideouts.
The story is short and tells us that we are an astronaut who crashed on Earth. It’s nice that he’s an engineering expert who can build exoskeletons, power lines, and oil refineries. Can he succeed? You can play in co-op mode or use the editor to build maps and scenarios.

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