Former FBI chief: Venezuela deliberately empties its prisons to send criminals to the US

The FBI is closely following the Aragua train’s expansion. Credit: Ariana Cubillos | AP

Regarding the wave of crimes recorded in recent months in New York City, mainly committed by immigrants of Venezuelan origin, and the alleged presence of the dangerous criminal gang El Tren de Aragua in the United States, Chris Swecker, The former deputy FBI director acknowledged that this may have been a deliberate act by the government of Nicolás Maduro.

By: La Opinion

In an interview for the Fox News program ‘America’s Newsroom’, Swecker explained that the Venezuelan government could release criminals from its prisons to send them to the United States, a country with which it has had few diplomatic relations over the years.

The former deputy director of the FBI, referring to the influx of thousands of Cuban immigrants who arrived in Florida that decade and formed dangerous gangs, said, “I think Venezuela is deliberately emptying its prisons and sending these people here like Castro. Did it in the 1980s.” They captured cities like Miami.

Last year, the Venezuelan government reportedly led several operations in the country’s main prisons to root out criminal gangs operating from prison facilities, some of which are filled with luxuries such as swimming pools, restaurants, bars, zoos, etc. Were. ,

The Venezuelan state announced that prisoners in these prisons, which were already suffering from severe overcrowding, would be transferred to other establishments. However, various NGOs operating in the country reported that the estimated number of prisoners in prisons does not match the prisoners transferred.

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