Former Industrials player confesses unpublished facts

Sometimes events happen that sink into the memories and bring the stories back to life. Exactly the same thing happened with a Cuban baseball player. Yunel Escobar In the last days.

Eliu Torres, who shared time with Escobar during his tenure industrial, we learned that the athlete was screaming in the middle of a Latin American stadium that he was worth millions. Many were surprised by this, but this is only a small part of what was happening.

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Torres himself wanted to break the silence and happily agreed to tell this editor about his other experiences. According to the above source, Unel always had a desire to play in the best baseball in the world and he did not hide it.

“We trained at Ciudad Deportiva and he hit home runs and said those home runs weren’t meant for there. What were they to him? big show, that is, to the major leagues. All this in front of the leaders. He was the only player I saw doing things like that in Cuba, where you couldn’t do anything like that.”Aliyu pointed out.

Torres said this Yunel Escobar He was never afraid to speak out, as well as reference odrissemer despaigne Like any other player who claimed his rights.

A shocking moment in the conversation with our interviewer was when he mentioned the ban imposed on the star athlete.

“Once he was penalized for a ball that he gave to the public after the third out. This happened in Granma. In that game I played center field and the last out was a fly ball Yunel Escobar Which was in left field. He threw the ball into the stands and was penalized. ,Gambao»He reached the bank and told all the officials that he could only pay 100 pesos, because that was the amount they gave him to play ball. He said things. “He used to play with his pants up and that’s why he had trouble with Ray.”Lefty confessed.

Yunel Escobar and his problems in Cuba

According to what the former player expressed, a delicate moment occurred at a party meeting full swing,

“The guys from the Cuban team didn’t miss those meetings, they were the first ones to get there. Issues like indiscipline of fans were discussed in that meeting. Yunel Escobar took out a hammer and placed it on Pedro Sáez’s desk and told him: “We have to deal with this.”Told who became champion with Industriales in the 2003–2004 season.

At the end, elieu torres made it clear that the talent of Yunel Escobar It was huge, but it was discriminated against. The potential of capital was not taken into account, mainly because of its character.

our site full swing I greatly appreciate Torres’ words. Thanks to his work we were able to break the silence that often surrounds Cuban baseball.

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