From which date will the day on Earth be of 25 hours?

Since the formation of planet earth 4.5 billion years ago of years the days were increasing in length For longer periods of time. This happens because the speed at which the Earth rotates on its axis slows down over certain periods of time.

1.5 billion years agoAccording to A study in Nature Geoscience shows. this also happens 66 million yearsIn the age of dinosaurs, The day reached 23 hours.

But experts revealed that from a certain date 60 more minutes will be added to the days,

As the years passed, the day lasted more and more hours. As the years passed, the day lasted more and more hours.

Scientists at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in Germany announced that they have managed to improve one of the devices used to measure time.


Scientists determined that days would become longer over time.

With the help of this new, more accurate instrument, they were able to determine an approximate date to know when the days will become longer on planet Earth.

when will the day be 25 hours long

This device made by German scientists is called Ring Laser GyroLocated at the Wetzel Geodetic Observatory.

This system is important Explain the movements of the Earth. Thus, scientists managed to improve the accuracy and were able to find out that the Earth’s rotation changes by 6 milliseconds approximately every two weeks.

Gyroscope experts conclude that planet Earth will cease to exist Days lasting 25 hours in 200 million years.

earth’s rotation speed It changes because it has dynamics that cause the rate of rotation to speed up or slow down in fractions of a millisecond.

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