General Motors follows in Stellantis’ footsteps and destroys this American icon, which will no longer be produced with gasoline engines.

To talk about automotive in the United States is to talk about “muscle cars”., a type of sports and powerful car with rear propulsion, medium or large in size and with a coupe silhouette, but more spacious and faster. Ford still has its Mustang, but it will also be due in 2024 after Dodge (Stelantis) stops building the Challenger. It’s time to say goodbye to the Chevrolet Camaro (General Motors) manufactured since 1967.

Goodbye to the Chevrolet Camaro: a painful farewell after more than half a century of history

He 14 December 2023, the final unit of the Camaro left the series at its assembly plant in Lansing Grand River, Michigan (USA), although North American drivers will be able to purchase units until all stocks are gone. Thus, GM killed off an iconic model that went down in automotive history Worldwide, not just Americans.

during six generationsThis product has pleased many customers who were looking for High performance and pleasant sensations aboard a relatively compact vehicle (length between 4.7 and 4.9 metres, which is not much on the other side of the Atlantic) and A price that made it accessible (from $28,000 in 2023). This makes saying goodbye in times of inflation even more painful.

Lakhs of units of Camaro have been sold, but its sales have been poor since 2020 and this is the main reason for its closure.

Grille details and hood and fascia vents of the 2019 Camaro were de Grille details and hood and fascia vents of the 2019 Camaro were de

And now he? The future is as you imagine

Generally, throughout their 56 years In life, this Chevrolet has always had a huge place V8 engine which, in its final commercial phase, managed to deliver between 460 and 660 hp The amount of power depended on whether it was supercharged (ZL1) or not (SS). However, there were also less popular versions with propellers. V6 and L4 underperformers,

Although there is not much official information about it, various sources close to the famous manufacturer confirm that GM will develop it Reinterpreting this model as a 100% electric car, This projected evolution of the Camaro, which may have no previous prototype, will certainly be presented 2025 At the latest, to go into production next year. The question is whether this car deserves that future.

Since its inception, Chevrolet has never stopped reinventing the muscle car. However, it has always been loyal to his principles: A very muscular appearance, amazing acceleration and a sound that is as serious as it is catchy. it’s because of that Conversion to BEV could be an outrage, Meanwhile, its rival Mustang 2024, which will also come to Europe, will continue to make its way petrol engine,

2019 Camaro's New LED Taillamps With More Sculpted Evoluti 2019 Camaro's New LED Taillamps With More Sculpted Evoluti

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