Granny: Chapter Two Free Download PC (Full Version)

Granny: Chapter 2 Free Download for PC (Full Version)

“Grandma Chapter 2” is a first-person perspective adventure game. The player must escape from the home where his grandparents live.

They are under the control of the dark forces. The unknown young man woke up in a dark and oppressive space with pain all over his body from the discomfort of being transported via the trunk of a car. In a severe headache, the virtual protector began to wander in the space, and slowly realized that his existence might be in danger.

The single-player mode is a thrilling experience spanning five days. During this time, the player is looking for a way to escape from the house full of evil savage grandfather. The game’s villains are immortal, allowing players to endure endless rounds of shotgun blasts. Wounds from a shotgun can only briefly knock the shooter unconscious. Vaccinations are necessary to protect your family from harm and keep them alive.

When the hero is caught in the game, the player can hide under the bed or in an area of ​​the closet to escape and start the journey further. The creators have added 5 difficulties to the game that affect the artificial intelligence. One of the easiest ways to do this is to remove the older person from the room so they have a chance to become familiar with and understand the management.

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