Guatemala experiences a nightmare against El Salvador and is deprived of the 2024 W Gold Cup

Bicolor was outclassed in all aspects by the Salvadoran team, which included Atlas forward, Brenda Cerén.

United States of America – The guatemala women’s national team fell 3-1 guard, in prelims w gold cup 2024, Brenda Seren Was dispatched with a hat trick and led the Salvadorans to a historic goal Ana Lucia Martínez, Bicolor was referenced to make the results more attractive.

seren, next to Atlas, from Liga MX Femenil, shined on the alternative court of Dignity Health Sports Park, Carson, California, To lead the invasion of El Salvador, with Danielle Fuentes and Samantha Fisher, Guatemala’s defense was a constant headache, especially in the first half, in which El Salvador flooded the field. At the end of the game, Ceren had a chance to miss a penalty.

Guatemala experienced a nightmare first half, outclassed by their opponent in all aspects. El Salvador took the lead from the start, pressing high, with the ball and verticals. This resulted in a lot of inaccuracies in Bicolor and it quickly became frustrating.

Saviana Gomez, Aisha Solórzano and Ana Lucia Martínez They didn’t look aggressive, not because they didn’t want to, but because they didn’t get the ball. El Salvador dominated the midfield and found the key to victory in Brenda Cerén.

Such was the frustration that Gomez was sent off in the 36th minute after hitting an opponent from behind. At first the referee only showed him a yellow card, but VAR He fixed it.

Serene Show

El Salvador did a great collective job, it excelled in all areas, but Cerén deserves a special paragraph. It was different, its imbalance wreaked havoc on the blue and white defense and its strength punished the game.

Already in the sixth minute, the Salvadoran team gave a warning by scoring a goal which was canceled due to lack of control. Alejandra Chirino When he sent the ball backwards through a header after a corner kick.

But, the first score came at 18′. already alexia estrada El Salvador had a shot from Daniel Fuentes, one of Guatemala’s outstanding players, saved and Victoria Sanchez blocked the arrival of Brenda Cerén, who took her marker and turned to the right to score a spectacular goal.

There was no reaction on the field and the Costa Rican coach Carla Aleman It was decided to enter Whitney Lopez in place of Maria Fernanda Contreras. It was of no use. There was no improvement in Guatemala. Gomez was expelled.

El Salvador could have increased the score, but Fuentes sent the ball high when he was in front of Guatemala’s goal and Samatha Fischer hit the ball onto a post. Aleman moved the pieces forward again. After Gómez’s expulsion, to partially reorganize, Elisa Texas entered for Celsa Cruz.

But, it was of little use and after a huge leak Brenda Ceren took second place at 45+1. Elilee Hernandez, after snatching the ball from Ana Lucia Martínez. Cerén won the position and prepared to fire with his right hand before Estrada could move.

Guatemala tried to respond in the last minutes of the first half, at least reaching the opponent’s area, but without scoring a goal.

second part

To complement, El Salvador could not maintain the same intensity and decided to retreat to counterattack. Guatemala looked better with more ball and had chances to define, But goalkeeper Idalia Serrano complied when needed.

And since Guatemala couldn’t, El Salvador came third. Yes, it was Serene again. This time through a penalty, in the 69th minute, after some excellent individual play, after being fouled inside the area.

Ayesha Solorzano hit a ball into the post and ana lucia martinez He got a reprieve in the 76th minute with a brilliant goal, an individual play and a shot from outside the area. at 90′, Brenda Cerén gave up the possibility of saving her poker, missing a penalty for handball inside the area marked by VAR.

El Salvador once again overtakes Guatemala after winning the bronze medal duel Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023.

Salvadorans will integrate W Gold Cup 2024 Group C And they will make their debut against Canada on February 22, then they will face Costa Rica and conclude the stage against Paraguay. Guatemala must return home.

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