Hailey Bieber ditches sneakers and adopts the trendiest shoes for spring 2024

Unforgettable, this new edition of Super Bowl Organized by the National Football League since 1966, it was the main global attraction on Sunday evenings. a major event during which victory was granted kansas city chiefs, who won the game with a remarkable score of 25 to 22 over the San Francisco 49ers. Amid the 60,000 spectators at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, stood a line-up of celebrities, including, of course, hailey bieber,


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Hailey Bieber surpasses Justin by choosing one of the biggest fashion trends of 2024

Appointed as a VIP, Taylor Swift Was able to watch live the victory of his teammate, the American football superstar, travis kels, From his 96-meter height, the champion kissed his girlfriend, who was also joined by her best friend in the evening, Blake Lively,

Although the singer and actress stole the show from Usher and Alicia Keys, who were chosen to perform during the famous halftime show, they weren’t in stylistic competition with anyone else.hailey bieber, Because if a football match was being played on the field in front of their eyes, then three celebrities took part in it. fashion match Striking.

for his arrival super bowl 2024, hailey rhode bieberadopted one of the largest fashion trends At present, mob wife, The clothing promotion, which they launched mainly on social networks, and which is limited to being inspired by the look of “mafia women”. How ? Without hesitating to mix different eye-catching pieces taken straight from the fashion wardrobe of the early 1990s.

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dressed like mob wifeHailey Bieber has elevated the cherry red slingback to superstar trend status.

dressed like mob wifeEquipped with a leopard print fur coat from Saint Laurent (of which she is an ambassador), an immaculate white T-shirt, light blue jeans, the young lady (who has just gone back to dark brown) looked especially in the most wore one from big shoes trend From the beginning of the year: slingback,

Very accustomed to wearing sneakers, Hailey Bieber broke her clothing protocol by wearing signature “kitten heels” between 3.5 and 5 centimeters high, with a closed toe and a strap on the back of the foot. To embrace this shoe trend, the businesswoman and daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin chose a vintage-inspired model, Cherry Red. In other words, specific colors for the style mob wifeAnd which is also fully included in the Spring 2024 trend guide. Proof that when it comes to style, Hailey Bieber never does things by halves.

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