He left his family a secret garage with 50 classic cars… and something they never imagined

When Royce Kershaw Jr. passed away on July 17, 2023, his family was in complete shock. Although the 81-year-old had been fighting the disease for several years, he always maintained “his pride and joy”, as defined by his own family.

The son of Royce Gideon Kershaw Sr., an important railroad businessman long ago, he served in the United States Air Force National Guard and was fond of cars and boats, to the extent that he created his own designs and had his drawings Share and sketch with your whole family.

When he died, his three children were in charge of repurposing his belongings, but when they searched his personal belongings what they found surprised them all. The three young men, accompanied by their children and Royce’s grandchildren, approached an old warehouse that belonged to the old man but was rarely seen.

The images impressed from the first moment one entered the place. More than 50 classic cars were hidden among the old coins, shoes, engines and dirt. To name a few notables, a 1931 Ford, a 1913 Cadillac, and the famous 1955 Thunderbird were neatly parked.

Many were purchased by Kershaw Jr., while many others, Such as the 1966 Oldsmobile Tornado purchased by Kershaw Sr. before his death in 1969. Also notable were the presence of a 1977 Mercedes-Benz and a very recent Honda Element built in 2005.,

But seeing a secret classic car collection is a “normal” thing to do in these types of situations. The family knew that the man had a passion for motor vehicles and were aware of the existence of some of these models, as well as some boats with which they traveled as a family.

What caught our attention wasn’t everything, But the locomotive of a log steam train built in 1913. According to what he indicated in a conversation with local media, it would have belonged to Kershaw Sr. and his son, who recently died, would have kept the train piece with him throughout his life. In tribute to his father,

On the other hand, the condition of the vehicles found was also a matter of surprise. Some of the models were in perfect condition while others showed obvious signs of the passage of time, showing that even in his last days the man regularly visited his storehouse of memories.,

Following the discovery, the family auctioned off every item found, where they were also fuel pump, workshop equipment, professional tools, Trailers, old sign even more. The total amount raised and the new owners of the collectibles were not disclosed.

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