Hello Neighbor 2 IOS & APK Download 2024

Hello Neighbor 2 iOS and APK Download 2024

“Hey Neighbor 2” is a cartoon-style game where you travel around the world looking for the protagonist’s neighbor, Mr. Peterson.

This character is accompanied by a mysterious creature who wants to do terrible things to him. Along the path of the passage, opponents constantly improve their tracking skills and never fall into the same trap again.

The enemy’s artificial intelligence learns every move you make. He is waiting for the perfect moment to strike. As you explore the house, your opponents will stand outside the window and watch. He won’t enter the home because he knows it will be a failure. He waits for the protagonist to leave home.

He also uses his arsenal to take effective action. The AI ​​follows a similar schedule to a normal human: it sleeps at a set time, prepares food, and then rests so it can hunt again. The game world is not entirely governed by the laws of physics. If the opponent notices, they will exploit it to do so. Due to fear, the opponent will never enter the forest or dangerous place. Wait until your opponent falls asleep and drive on a quiet road. The enemy is somewhere in that location. However, if you try to intervene, he will protect him. This is still possible.

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