How much exercise should you do daily to improve your health?

He sedentary lifestyle This is a common problem in most western countries., Not only because there are many jobs that require their employees to spend most of the day in front of a computer, but also because Many times free time is devoted only to panoramas that do not involve doing anything Exercise,

He May increase risk of developing multiples DiseaseIn addition to contributing to diagnoses such as obesity or other mental health conditions such as depression.

In this regard, this warning has been given in the research Physical activity is an important part of maintaining good health Health,

And, contrary to what some people may believe, He This doesn’t mean you have to spend all day at the gym or that you should devote all of your entertainment space to Go for a run in a park.

This is the conclusion of a study recently published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Just a few minutes of training every day is enough for you to get substantial benefits.,

How many minutes of exercise should be done per day to combat a sedentary lifestyle and reduce the risk of mortality. Photo: Reference.

author of the work Data from nearly 12,000 participants over the age of 50 were analyzedWho came from Norway, Sweden and the United States.

After that review, they could see it 22 minutes of moderate or vigorous exercise a day can help offset the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle and reduce the risk of mortality. For any reason.

Those considered “liberal” include actions such as brisk walking, bicycling, or heavy household chores,

On the other hand, “vigorous” people have sports like tennis, football, jogging or paddling with greater intensityAccording to El Pais.

“Our study indicates that Sedentary time not associated with higher risk of death in participants who accumulated at least 20–25 minutes “Moderate and vigorous physical activity,” explained lead author and academic, Edward Sagelv at the Arctic University of Norway.

Along with this the researcher also emphasized that Those 22 minutes per day do not have to be continuous so they can be divided In different episodes.

Earlier, this conclusion was drawn in another study published in the European Heart Journal about a year ago. One minute of intense exercise can have a significant positive impact on the health of most sedentary people,

he ponders routine activities such as carrying a grocery bag home, walking briskly to work, or climbing stairs Instead of taking the lift.

Manuel Anguita, a cardiologist at the Reina Sofia University Hospital in Córdoba, assured the aforementioned Spanish media that “the results of this study They match the recommendations that the clinical practice guidelines of the main societies have been making for a long time. Scientist Of Cardiology.”

“They recommend doing about 30 minutes of moderate exercise five days a week (150 minutes a week): or 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week, of more intense physical exercise”he explained.

For his part, the President of the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM), César A. Rodriguez told El Pais that “22 minutes is the minimum time after which, according to studies, the effects of a sedentary lifestyle can be reversed, but it is best to live as little sedentary life as possible”,

“The more exercise, the better”The expert insisted.

especially It is always advisable to visit a specialist to evaluate your particular case. And the exercises that best suit your situation.

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