“I didn’t like it” This French actress did not like the dubbing of Emma Watson in the Harry Potter saga in the cinema

culture news “I didn’t like it” This French actress did not like the dubbing of Emma Watson in the Harry Potter saga in the cinema

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Becoming the voice of a character in an iconic saga sounds like a real dream, but this actress didn’t enjoy the experience.

Harry Potter, a saga that changed lives

Following the phenomenal success of the books in the late 90s, the film adaptation soon followed. Thus, for a decade, fans around the world were able to discover the exploits of the round-spectacled magician on the big screen. Many people grew up with the different characters, which is why it was difficult to part with them for the eighth and final feature film in 2011, which concludes the saga. Even if an HBO reboot as a series is planned for 2026, the first films will still be considered iconic by a large number of fans.

This saga changed the lives of many people like the lead actors. Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson This trio gained a lot of notoriety after playing it, much like Tom Felton who was the Wounded Magician’s rival for over ten years. However, the Harry Potter saga changed not only the lives of the actors, but also the lives of the voice actors who lent their voices to the main characters. The latter, who lived in the shadow of the actors they were dubbing for (and are still dubbing for some), were also in the spotlight when feature films were released. Unfortunately, not all of them have good memories of this unique experience.

"I did not like it" This French actress did not like the dubbing of Emma Watson in the Harry Potter saga in the cinema

Manon Azem, the actress who voices Hermione, doesn’t have good memories of her experience.

Recently, people who listen
stir on the radio Heard a familiar voice, manon azem, This 33-year-old actress regularly dubs actress Debby Ryan in addition to being the voice of Emma Watson in the Harry Potter saga. Although this experience seems like a dream, he did not experience it that way. Unfortunately, she faced particularly heavy pressure when she was still very young ,

At that time there were no rules like today regarding children. They called me at ten in the evening, I waited for two hours in the studio, then they picked us up and finished the job at midnight. It was a little crazy and I was super stressed.

Subsequently, he also admitted that the people who were overseeing the dubbing were not happy with his voice which had naturally become deeper. So she was ordered to lower her voice, which made her not feel comfortable. Additionally, she was forced to have a similar intonation to Emma Watson, which would not necessarily work in French. In short, she didn’t agree with the artistic direction and didn’t find the experience particularly pleasant. : “I never bragged about it. There was so much excitement that I didn’t dare say: ‘By the way, guys, I didn’t like it.’ It is possible to see him in the series Detox on Netflix.

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