Is ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ as bad as feared?

  • Jason Momoa aka Aquaman is back with his golden armor.
  • He faces Black Manta again in “The Lost Kingdom”.
  • Amber Heard appears only briefly in this second opus.

When no press screening is organized for a film, it is hardly a good sign. So it’s in public preview at Pathé Ivry 20 minutes was able to find out Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom This Tuesday evening, and to be frank about it. Well no, James Wan’s film is not the disaster that was feared. Let’s be clear, this isn’t even Broadway, but a respectable sequel reserved for audiences who weren’t disappointed by the first part.

Jason Momoa and his golden scale breastplate still shine, in more than a minimalist scenario. The big bad Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II in “I’m not happy at all” mode) seeks to avenge his father by murdering Aquaman’s family and destroying the Earth. We suspect that its chances of success on both fronts are slim.

Where are the women?

The big question was what would happen to Amber Heard, who played the role of the hero’s wife. The actress has been in the news since her failures with Johnny Depp, and Jason Momoa reportedly even tried to fire her from his job. If she takes the third position in the credits, her presence becomes minimal. It’s impossible to say whether this follows the Depp case: Nicole Kidman, although absent from the courtroom in real life, is in no better shape.

like brothers

Orm (played by Patrick Wilson) is more fortunate. Freeze-dried in a prison in the middle of the desert, Aquaman’s criminal brother is resurrected to fight and help the superheroes. Note that it looks like the entire cast of the film underwent a serious digital makeover worthy of the best Instagram moments. The wrinkles have been figured out, but that doesn’t stop the two lead actors from rolling their eyes and creating a ruckus.

emerging animals

One of the best assets of this second part is the creatures among it Avatar and play sniping Let’s meet brother. A baby blue octopus and a fat kingfish (voiced by the extremely rare Martin Short in the original version) are the most amusing. There are also aggressive green monsters that are really bad and not good at all. Aesthetics are always attractive. The decor team still loves fluorescents and so does the costume team.

an ecological message

Preservation of the underwater world is dear to Jason Momoa’s heart, which makes the actor very sympathetic. The ecological message and message of peace never hurts among the people advocated by Aquaman. For this reason alone, this second part requires a certain indulgence. But perhaps there is no need for a third one.

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