Israel’s message for Ramadan: “Our war is not against Muslims, it is against murderers of children”

Minister Israel Katz wishes Muslims in Israel and around the world a good start to their holy month

Israeli Foreign Minister, israel katzSent a message this Sunday on the occasion of Ramadanholy month of islamIn which he assured that the war israel against Hamas In The Gaza Strip is “not against Muslims, but against the murderers of children”In reference to the Palestinian terrorist group.

“I want to wish all the Muslims in Israel and the world a good and blessed month for you and your families, the month of reparations and good deeds,” Katz said in a video shared on X.

The Israeli Foreign Minister then referred to the October 7 attack, in which Hamas killed 1,200 people and abducted about 250. Katz said, an attack which “He did not differentiate between Jews and Arabs”,

“Hamas tries to present our war as a war against Muslims. That’s a lie”, He added. “We have many Muslim fighters in the Israel Defense Forces and the Israel Police. And our war is against child murderers who distort Islam to justify their barbarity.,

“In these difficult times, the beautiful face of Israeli society is revealed,” Katz said. “We saw Jews, Muslims, Christians and Druze standing side by side in a shared struggle and cooperation between all sectors, starting with mutual donations of food and equipment, concern for others and mutual responsibility. These human values ​​are common in all religions.”,

Israeli minister said this Israel “does not forget” the families of Muslim hostages. Those who will spend Ramadan while their loved ones remain in the hands of Hamas. “We will not rest until all the abducted people return home.”said Katz, who is traveling to New York this Sunday with relatives of dozens of hostages to attend an emergency session of the Security Council tomorrow. UN report on sexual violence by terrorist groups.

Katz said that terrorism Hamas is “a threat to the entire region” and reiterated that Israel’s hand “is always extended for peace and good neighborliness towards all neighboring peoples and countries.”

“Peace is the strongest response to all those who want war and pave the way for the stability, security and progress that all people in the region desire,” he concluded.

Ramadan will start after this Monday Saudi Arab, The crescent moon will be visible in the country where Islam’s holiest sites are located, marking the beginning of the holy month of fasting for most of the world’s 1.8 billion Muslims. Holy month in which devotees abstain from food and drink from morning till evening period of religious contemplation, Family celebrations and charity across the Muslim world, Seeing the moon on Sunday night means that Monday is the first day of fasting.

Amid tensions over Gaza conflict, Israeli Prime Minister benjamin netanyahu For his part, he assured that Israel will strive to preserve the freedom of worship of Muslims in the complex Al-Aqsa Mosque At the Temple Mount during Ramadan.

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