Jeff Bezos regains the title of the world’s richest man, dethroning Elon Musk

Founder of Amazon, jeff bezosAfter a massive surge in the stock market and numerous strategies and stock sales, the South African tycoon was dethroned and regained his position as the richest person in the world. Elon Musk With the Bloomberg Agency’s Billionaire Index by the founder of Amazon jeff bezos,

bezos Amazon shares surged 89 percent over the past year and 18 percent in 2024 after revaluation, overtaking its rival Elon Musk, With assets reaching $200 billion, bezos His wealth is experiencing significant growth. However, the South African tycoon’s wealth has declined to $198 billion.

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Whereas jeff bezos He no longer has the management of Amazon company, he benefited from the rise in the price of shares of the commercial giant, he remains the largest shareholder of the company

rise in fortune jeff bezos This has been driven by the strategic sale of 50 million shares of Amazon Company totaling $8.5 billion. The shares were sold over nine consecutive business days beginning on February 7, which coincided with his residence transfer from Seattle to Miami in search of favorable tax benefits.

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