Jennifer Lawrence shares the day she asked Robert De Niro to skip her wedding rehearsal

Jennifer Lawrence after the Golden Globes ceremony. (Los Angeles, January 7, 2024.)

On the sidelines of the Golden Globes, Jennifer Lawrence spoke with E! Entertainment this Sunday, January 7, specifically believing it to be a “terrible and stressful” wedding experience.

Being Robert De Niro isn’t enough to avoid being thrown out of a wedding. This is what Jennifer Lawrence explained on the microphone I! Entertainment This Sunday, January 7, shortly after the Golden Globes ceremony, she revealed that during the rehearsal dinner before her wedding ceremony with Cook Maroney in 2019, she had to ask Martin Scorsese’s favorite actor for a ride home. However, it was not an argument but a favor as the actress felt “extremely stressed” seeing him among her loved ones, even though he did not know anyone.

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troubled marriage

By her own admission, Jennifer Lawrence failed to enjoy her marriage: “It’s so stressful, you’re not enjoying, you’re just wondering, ‘Are people enjoying?'”, she told the American media. Tells. She admits that she thought more about the comfort of her guests than about herself: “I will never forget that I was terrified at the idea of ​​having guests cold, and all my friends were lying by saying : “No one is cold, no one is cold, everything is fine, everything is fine,” says the actress.

But there’s nothing like family to tell you the angry truths: “My mother told me it was very cold and my grandmother almost died,” she says, before recalling the appearance of a special guest: “I saw and saw bob (Robert De Niro Editor’s Note), Joe didn’t know anyone and was wandering around, and I immediately said to myself, “No, he doesn’t want to do that. I don’t want him here.” Out of thoughtfulness more than indecency, Jennifer Lawrence didn’t feel like leaving him among strangers and as a result found herself worried: “I went over there and I whispered to him: Come home.” Despite the modesty of the star Taxi driverIt was when she decided to leave that Jennifer Lawrence finally felt good.

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