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Health Minister, Fernando Dominguez, I presided over this Tuesday Lezkeru Health Center Presentation of the IMPaCT cohort study, which aims to carry out a detailed health study of 200,000 people of the Spanish population over the next 20 years, of which 4,000 are in Navarra, in order to better understand the origins of the main diseases, helping to prevent them So to receive. And treat them by promoting personalized and precision medicine. Patricia Palacio and Oscar Lecia, principal investigators and collaborators of the study in Navarra, respectively, and Susana Miranda, manager of primary care, also participated in the event.

This initiative is promoted at the national level coordinated by the Carlos III Health Institute Network Biomedical Research Center (CIBER), and 21 institutions and primary care services from all autonomous communities and cities participate. In the provincial community, the IMPaCT group is managed by the NavarreBioMed Biomedical Research Center – Miguel Servet Foundation and, for its part, coordinates the study with the Lezcaru Health Center as a node of the Primary Care – Osasunbidia project of the Navarre Health Service and Implements. ,

Random sample of 4,000 people was taken from 4 health centers

Over the next five years, the study is expected to involve 4,000 people between 16 and 79 years old living in Navarra from four health centers: Lezcairu, Segundo Ensanche, Milagrosa and Valle de Aranguren. To guarantee a faithful representation of the Spanish population, participants are selected randomly; That is why no one can voluntarily participate in the IMPaCT group.

At the beginning of their participation and once every five years, they will undergo a complete physical examination at the Lezkeru Health Centre, answer a detailed health questionnaire, and have biological samples taken. Additionally, more frequent follow-up contacts will be made by phone or mobile application. All this information will be complemented with information available in the clinical or statistical databases of the SNS-O.

As the Health Minister has stressed, “Citizens’ cooperation is essential. We are confident that those contacted by LezCairu understand the potential of the project, which will have an impact on improving the health of the entire population, and will participate if called upon.”

At the moment, the study has recruited ten people out of the 4,000 that make up the random sample from Navarra. People selected by SNS-O will receive a text message informing them that they will be contacted by the Lezkeru Health Center and invited to take part in the study and a link to the project information website where they can find all the details. Can. The message will be addressed to “Health Communication” and will contain the following text, in both its Spanish and Basque versions:

  • (First Name + Initial Name Last Name): We are conducting a study on the health of the Navarrese population IMPaCT group. We will call the Lezkairu Health Center to invite you to participate. + Information: portsalud.navarra.es/es/cohorte

  • (Izena + Hasirako Abizenk): Nafaroako Biztanleriyaren Osasunari Buruzko Ezterlan Bat Agiten Ari Gara Impact Cohortia. Lezkairuko osasun zentrok part hartzera gonbidatzeko deituko dziu. Information +: portsalud.navarra.es/eu/kohortea

research relevance

SNS-O primary care medical professionals, Patricia Palacio and Oscar Lecia, lead the research in Navarra and emphasize the importance of the study: “The IMPACT cohort will mark a before and after for the way biomedical research is conducted in Spain. The data that will be obtained will help the scientific community better understand how to prevent major diseases and decline associated with age, injuries and disability.

Having a dynamic record of individual and population data, clinical, genetic, epidemiological and lifestyle habits makes it possible to create predictive models of disease, identify health disparities, monitor key indicators and evaluate the impact of health policies. Will go.

Like there are successful examples in other countries United Kingdom, France, Germany, Sweden or United States. These groups have access to biological samples and very comprehensive epidemiological information – including social and economic factors – and constitute the basic tools for advancing prevention and individualized care. In this way, the IMPaCT group will allow a qualitative leap in research on precision medicine in Spain, bringing our country to the same level.

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