Lucky blow for Kentucky couple who lost a winning lottery ticket

Louisville, Ky. A Kentucky couple thought they had lost the winning Powerball lottery ticket, but their luck took two hits.

The Bowling Green couple learned in November that they had won $50,000, but they did not receive the ticket they had purchased about a week earlier, the Kentucky Lottery said in a news release.

Mark Perdue said the owner of AM Express greeted him when he entered the store.

“I said why? And he said to me: ‘You won the lottery.’ I said, ‘I hope so.’ He said: ‘Now it was your turn, I’m on the video with you.’,

He and his wife then searched but did not find the bill and thought he had thrown it away.

His wife said, “I’ve been beating myself up for three months thinking that I threw away the bill.”

Then in February, Perdue, who is president of Kiryu USA, went to check on the condition of one of the company’s vehicles and saw Bill inside. The car, which is not used often, was needed because a visitor from another plant was in town and needed to use a company vehicle.

“I don’t know how long I would have stayed there if I didn’t need a car,” Perdue said. “I was trembling a little.”

He told his wife and the next day they went to lottery headquarters, where he received a check for $36,000 after taxes, according to the lottery statement. The couple said they plan to pay the bills and go on a trip.


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