Maria Corina Machado: Venezuela’s Supreme Court confirms disqualification of opposition presidential candidate

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Machado was selected as the opposition candidate in the October primary election.

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The Venezuelan Supreme Court this Friday confirmed the political disqualification from holding public office against opposition presidential candidate María Corina Machado, according to a decision reported on the organization’s website.

“Citizen María Corina Machado Pariska is disqualified from participating in public functions for a period of 15 years,” the supreme court said.

Machado was chosen as the unity candidate of President Nicolas Maduro’s opposition in primary elections held in October, in which he won a landslide victory.

Weeks later, following the signing of the so-called Barbados Agreements between the government and the Venezuelan opposition, which were intended to facilitate the holding of guaranteed presidential elections in Venezuela this year, Machado asked the court to clarify whether he would face disqualification. is under the.

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