Mark Zuckerberg didn’t know what he would get for his 40th birthday. So he bought two superyachts from a Russian oligarch

Mark Zuckerberg paid $330 million for the main superyacht and a second support yacht

Its length is 118 meters launch pad It’s almost as big kaoru by jeff bezos

Mark Zuckerberg has won the title of Youngest self-made millionaire in history, thanks to the founding of one of the most profitable technology companies of the moment: Meta. According to the Forbes list, his current net worth is $176.3 billion, which ranks him as the world’s fourth-highest net worth at the age of 39.

When you have so much wealth, it will be difficult to find a birthday gift, especially when it is for an important date like the millionaire’s fortieth birthday, which the millionaire will celebrate on May 14th.

Mark Zuckerberg was not afraid and has built himself a huge superyacht. Or rather, two superyachts, because the main yacht is always accompanied by a second supporting vessel which is somewhat less luxurious, but just as luxurious.

A boat with its own history

Mark Zuckerberg has paid 330 million dollarsThe purchase of the main superyacht in s is called launch padand a second aid ship was called wingman,

According to Forbes’ sources, the ships come with their own history as they were seized in Europe on suspicion of belonging to Russian oligarchs. The yacht was confiscated, like many other luxury ships, due to the blockade of the Russian capital due to the invasion of Ukraine.

Launchpad remained in the Netherlands waiting to determine who owned it. The negotiations did not last long because Mark Zuckerberg bought it from a company behind which Russian oligarch Vladimir Potanin could hide.

Since it was a blocked asset, the money received from the sale has not been sent to the Russian oligarch, but has been deposited with the government of the Netherlands. In this way, countries get rid of a big problem, as they well know in the Fiji Islands.

He launch pad this is a 118 meter long superyacht It is valued at around $300 million and was born under the name of Project 1010 at the Feadship shipyard in the Netherlands. The exterior is designed by the prestigious design studio Aspen Oeno International, and the interiors are by Zuretti Interior Design, known for its excellent taste in furnishing equipment on its boats.

The superyacht can accommodate 24 guests and has a dedicated crew of 48 people. To put this in context, Launchpad is only slightly smaller than Jeff Bezos’s $500 million yacht Koru, so the millionaire is expected to face docking costs of about $16,500 per week, according to SunJeff Bezos pays for doxing kaoruAnd they have to make room for him since he’s also already in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

He The second boat that Mark Zuckerberg bought is she wingmanA 67-meter long support ship, similar to a military ship, although equipped with some additional luxuries, worth about $30 million.

He wingman It has capacity for 20 more crew members and was owned by Valve co-founder Gabe Newell, but now serves as a landing platform for helicopters, transport jet skis, and even a small submarine. I have to work.

In Xataka $325 million and a private heliport: This superyacht owned by a Russian oligarch is the new US target

Image | Superyacht Times, JD Lasika

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