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Artificial Intelligence is reaching unimaginable areas like modeling in which we have started seeing models created by AI to showcase great products Brands of clothing and other products.

These, currently, are billing from 10,000 dollars in a few weeks, and increasing their number of followers on social networks, because they are similar to a real person, but The features are too good to be true.

Large clothing brands use these companies because it is more economical to advertise with them. These models earn $29,000 per month Unlike a human model who can earn ₹35,000 per hour just starting her career.

This may indicate that many professional models will be at risk of losing their jobs as they are replaced by artificial intelligence.

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Meet those three famous models who are creating a sensation on the internet because they are very beautiful and hot. Characteristics that any man could envy.

It must be remembered that this is an entertainment exercise and the AI ​​does not have objective knowledge or concrete data to make decisions about places or people.

Emily Pellegrini

This sensual model has 249,000 followers on Instagram and is one of the most real looking models.

She has modeled exclusively in swimsuits and underwear, in addition to posing in images of various locations in the world, as if she had visited Paris, France, Chichen Itza, Mexico, and the Trevi Fountain, Italy.

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aitana lopez

This Spanish model, created by AI, earns $ 4,000 per month on her social networks. She has 266,000 followers on Instagram and describes herself as a fitness lover.

Shudu Village

In the description of her Instagram profile, she appears as ‘the world’s first digital supermodel’ and her creator, photographer Cameron-James Wilson, assured that her creation in 2017 was due to his taste towards Barbie which he liked very much. Was. And who they called the ‘South African Princess’.

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