MisterBeast Vs. Elon Musk: Who’s Right About X?

Jimmy Donaldson, known as MisterBeast, argues with Elon Musk about the feasibility of taking his video to X.

jimmy donaldsonKnown throughout the world as mrbeastreplied to Elon MuskFollowing Mughal’s suggestion he published his popular material xA platform owned by the businessman since late 2022.

He youtuber The most popular and profitable in the world, whose audience is 225 million He had doubts about the number of customers financial viability To move your productions, which often cost millions of dollars, to a platform previously known as Twitter,

According to the second annual list forbes top producer Including 50 of the most prominent personalities in the business, MrBeast’s fan base is almost as big population of the united states And its content allowed them to earn so much money that during 2023 it turned out a profit of more than 82 million dollars,

MisterBeast’s reach, along with that of other popular video platform creators, has piqued the interest of Musk, who wants to attract them with an ad revenue program. advertiser crisis He is facing X.

Musk’s platform offers a monetization system that has not yet convinced big creators like MisterBeast. (Youtube)

The messages between the popular content creator and the tycoon took place on X, a social network on which Donaldson 25 million followers And initially published a tweet inviting you to watch a new video of his on YouTube.

The influencer said in his publication, “I uploaded it, go look, or I’ll kick you”, which prompted a response from a user who asked him to publish it on X as well. A request that Musk supported with a simple but resounding yes.

In response, MrBeast explained that despite his video receiving millions of views on the social network, it would not bring him income. recover investment These productions require millions of dollars.

The famous YouTuber said, “My videos are worth millions and even if they got a billion views on X, I wouldn’t spend a fraction of it.”

However, he was ready to consider the platform once the monetization worked effectively. He concluded, “Once monetization actually starts working I’m willing to try things.”

Producers are skeptical about the financial feasibility of taking their productions to X. (Reuters/Dado Ruvik)

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, mrbeast He assured that he has no interest in reducing the quality or budget of his productions, as his goal is to continue breaking boundaries and creating more and more expansive and ambitious content.

This incident is a big challenge for us ksi Which recorded much lower revenue than YouTube.

For their part, Ax and Musk have promised to improve conditions for creators on the platform with better distribution of advertising revenue.

At the launch of the monetization program, it was announced that the first set of payments has been completed 5 million dollarsHowever, individual cases like KSI demonstrate a different reality, suggesting that the platform still has a long way to go before it can compete with giants like YouTube in terms of content monetization.

X is facing an advertiser crisis following the controversies related to Elon Musk. (EFE/EPA/Étienne Laurent)

Advertisement revenue of this platform owned by Elon Musk decreased 1.5 billion dollars during the year 2023,

The presence of extremist content and the controversies surrounding it, despite advertising expert Linda Yaccarino being the CEO. Elon Musk has negatively impacted X’s advertising revenue.

musk He has also been involved in additional controversies such as endorsing anti-Semitic theories and responding aggressively to advertisers who refused to participate on the platform.

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