More children eligible for Florida KidCare health insurance

Miami.- A law took effect in Florida that aims to close the gap in which families with children whose incomes are too high are unable to receive benefits. Medicaid However, they are forced to pay for health insurance that they cannot afford.

The new law, known as HB 121, allowed KidCare to be expanded from 200% to 300% of the federal poverty level, to offer subsidized health insurance to children whose family income exceeds the federal level. 300% or less of the poverty level.

Until last December, children in a family of four could benefit from health insurance under Florida KidCare if they earned up to a maximum of $64,500 a year. Starting in January 2024, eligibility is expanded to $83,250 in income.

The measure is relief for families who were excluded from Medicaid when the public health emergency declared by the federal government due to COVID ended, with a large portion of Medicaid expenses being subsidized.

Some studies indicate that more than 1.7 Floridians will drop out of Medicaid with the end of the health emergency, many of whom will be children. The new rule provides health protection to these minors.

Florida KidCare is a group of four health insurance programs sponsored by the federal and state governments that together provide continuous coverage for Florida children from birth to age 18.

Florida KidCare insurance covers doctor visits, vision services, hospital stays, vaccines, emergencies, preventive diagnostic exams, mental health, dental care, surgeries, prescriptions, among other benefits.




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