Mozumbito Martínez angers U-23 after Chivas ridicule

Different from what happens in the first category, where America Clear dominance has been established among the basic forces of the parties more balanced and more enthusiasticAs reflected in the under-23 category this Saturday, where there were scenes that the Chivashermanos celebrate.

with Roman “Mojumbito” Martínez The red and white players used their dominance to mock the wonderful 3–1 victory they had achieved, pointing to Henri Martin as the hero and who was close to starting the fight.

This is how America’s Chivas Under-23 team made fun

the first major provocation came ariel castroBecause while celebrating one of his two scores he did as Henry Martin usually does, that is, showing off his biceps, despite notable differences.

Next was through Leonardo JimenezAfter the score was 2-0 he went straight to where Mozambito Martínez was, to whom he showed his shirt, as if it were the historical scene of Guillermo “Tigre” Sepúlveda saying “They have it.”

a fight almost broke out

In the end, when the score was 3-1 again, Roman was the hero. emilio will push tame Due to helplessness, which was close to turning into a fight.

Americanist Bruce El-Mesmari also appeared at the scene The final point saw Yael Padilla receive a red card for pushing Gibran Ortiz in the exchange, which led to ‘the benches being emptied’ and chaos.

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