Nadal, Federer and the difficulty of comeback after injuries

There is no doubt that there has been a decline Rafael Nadal Of Indian Wells It was a shock. Although it is true that it was believed that he was not at 100%, the Spaniard commented that his idea was to compete in the first competition masters 1000 of the season, a situation that did not occur.

The reality tells us this nadal He has minimal chances left and the latest injuries are already demanding a long recovery both physically and mentally.

To trace the origins of the current problem that complicates the former No. 1 in the world, we have to go back australian open 2023, In his second round match, he suffered an iliopsoas injury in his left leg, which required him to undergo surgery in June of that year. He completed a long recovery and returned to the circuit to play in early 2024 brisbane atp,

The Iberian won his first two duels and in the third he already showed signs of pain. fell in front of Jordan Thompson And later confirmed that he had suffered a microscopic wound in his left hip, which he suffers from to this day. to miss Australian Openbarely attended an exhibition carlos alcaraz and announced his resignation Indian WellsBecause he is not ready to compete yet.

This situation is exactly the same as before Roger Federer In the last years of his career, before his retirement at the Laver Cup in 2022, playing doubles with precision nadal,

In February 2020, the Swiss underwent arthroscopic surgery for his right knee injury and that’s where the ordeal began. He missed several important tournaments and just when he was thinking about a comeback, a setback in his recovery caused him to undergo surgery again and he returned to the court in 2021, although it was not the way he had imagined. .

it wasn’t from the game Australian Openhe barely argued doha atp 250 were taken to the courts in March and again in May. Like some of the competitions they played Geneva, Roland Garros, Halle and Wimbledon And ultimately his season ended early, as he had another knee surgery in August after suffering a new injury during the grass season. The following year, as mentioned, his adventure as a professional Laver Cup,

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