NASA tests parachute for Boeing’s Starliner capsule

space capsule starliner Of boeing successfully conducts a vital test of its parachute system in Yuma Proving Ground,

operating in International Space Station (ISS) They may seem routine after more than 25 years in orbit, but the safety of astronauts upon returning to Earth remains important. space capsule starliner Of boeingSecond commercial spacecraft to carry people and cargo ISS together with Python Of spacex, plays an important role in this process. Here is a summary of its key features:

  • reusable capsules: Designed for up to 10 uses, it can be completely reset for another trip immediately after you return to Earth.
  • parachute system: Reducing the capsule’s speed from approximately 18,000 mph in orbit to 350 mph upon re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere is critical to astronaut safety.

James McMichaelSenior Director of Technical Integration for the Commercial Crew Program potImportance of testing explained:

“This was the last in a long series of tests we are conducting for the ship starliner, We needed to verify some changes made to the main parachutes to clear the way for the next manned flight test later this year. We were just collecting data on principles because that’s the only place where we made changes. all other systems starliner It is rated. The system is designed such that it can work with only one drug or two queues and still meet all the requirements. They can tolerate a drogue or main parachute failure. We tried to do a stress test which is much easier to do with a dart because the dart will fall a little faster than a capsule. For the purpose of testing, the Dart was the appropriate vehicle and it was to be dropped from a c130 This was proper testing technique.”

He Yuma Proving Ground (YPG) Of usa Has been an important partner in testing the parachute system of starliner Of boeing, an essential component for space missions. The main features of these tests are as follows:

  • necessary support, YPG Has provided fundamental support for testing related to pot And the space program in general.
  • space history, YPG From the lunar rover used in the Moon landing to the development testing of an attack helicopter, historic testing has been involved AH-56 Cheyenne,
  • detailed testing: Recent tests included launching a test dart from a cargo aircraft C-130 of potAfter this the parachute was deployed.
  • Personnel and Equipment: Dozens of people and specialized equipment were present at the launch area, while control center personnel monitored test conditions and air traffic.
  • successful outcome: The 104-foot diameter main parachute slowed the test Dart to a safe landing speed, demonstrating the effectiveness of the system.

test in YPG They are essential to ensuring the safety of space missions, and the success of these tests is an important step on the path to future space travel.


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