New rumor about famous couple Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld

When? josh allen was first seen with Hailee Steinfeld Earlier this year, Bills fans couldn’t get enough of news about the two. The Bills Mafia’s beloved quarterback dating a famous Hollywood actress was the best idea ever buffalo bill The gossip we’ve had for a long time, and we ate it up.

since it seems confirmation of this As for them, Steinfeld, 27, has often been seen supporting her 27-year-old man at Highmark Stadium or Ripping Bills Gear Out of town on game days.

Steinfeld was most recently captured by paparazzi arriving at LAX on December 19, just days before the Bills’ win against the Los Angeles Chargers on Saturday, which suggests she was in attendance at SoFi Stadium for the matchup.

If that doesn’t tell you how serious this couple is, a popular celebrity gossip source is taking it a step further – declaring that things may be even more serious between the two than we thought.

Are Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld Engaged?

instagram celebrity gossip fixture Deuxmoi His most recent reveal deux/u Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld are one of two celebrity couples they predict on podcast episode get engaged in 2024 (The others are model Kaia Gerber and Oscar-nominated actor Austin Butler).

When comparing Josh and Hailey to “other” famous football couples, Taylor Swift And travis kels, deux/uThe unnamed host said he felt “more confident” about Josh and Hailey tying the knot next year than the trailer.

Beware of New Josh and Haley Rumors

Bills fans will be happy for both of them whether the wedding happens or not, but it’s important to keep in mind the source of the rumors. Deuxmoi is an Instagram account that is notorious for posting information submitted by its followers without confirming whether the gossip is true or not.

Then again, the news about Josh and Hailey’s engagement seems to be more of an opinion than based on fact, so the speculation seems pretty harmless. Either way, we’re ready for some blue and red wedding bells in 2023!

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