New York Yankees protect future in MLB

apart journalists They show the Big Apple team keeps making bids to add two-time Cy Young blake snell For their ranks. If this happens then this winter holiday will end on a prosperous note.

But involving the reigning winner of the 2023 Pitcher of the Year Award isn’t the only option for the leaders Aaron Boone, A rumor has spread that the Chicago White Sox ace dialing off available or capable brian cashman He may consider some other changes to strengthen his team.

What is clear is that there are things that the high command has new York Yankees Not willing to do.

3 possibilities that the New York Yankees won’t trade

He New York Post found out that management brian cashman She is looking forward to adding more members to the club to end the winter break on a high note. there may be options blake snellthe return of jordan montgomery one of two dialing off,

The first two are free agents and will need to loosen the checkbook more than ever before.

In the case of the Chicago White Sox pitcher, who still has two years left under the control of the team that acquired him, he will certainly need a significant package of prospects.

New York Yankees management has not been very active in giving its best promises a chance to follow through, but spencer jones Chase Hampton And Will Warren According to that Post report, he appears to be untouchable. All three recruits aspire to be important to the future of the organization.

Jones is a right fielder who has hit 16 home runs and batted for a .780 OPS between Class A and Double A. The other two are pitchers and everything indicates that they will soon be cornerstone pieces of the New York Yankees rotation, especially Warren, who could debut this year.

The pitcher struck out 149 opponents in 129 innings between Double and Triple A in 2023 and left an ERA of 3.35.

This will be a great relief for Aaron Boone Knowing that he can rely on two home-developed pitchers is something the New York Yankees have lacked for some time.

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