“Only Cruz Azul”: reassuring information about the possible signing of Alexis Vega


Negotiations continue between the parties regarding the operation, although La Maquina received encouraging news from Vega.

Follow the novel by Alexis Vega.
© JAM Media – ExclusiveFollow the novel by Alexis Vega.

blue Cross remains hopeful of ongoing negotiations alexis vegaHis priority in this transfer market. Negotiations are still ongoing with record owner Chivas Guadalajara so that all parties end with a happy ending,

A few days ago it was said that the pass has been confirmed, then the entire operation could be ruined. The reality is that he was never at any extreme.

On the other hand, in the last hours Information revealed that may give all La Noria fans peace of mindwho wants to get excited again after some adversity apertura 2023 tournament,

Looking at this situation, we are going to tell you in this note what it is Latest about Alexis Vega and Cruz Azul And all the details that need to be known regarding the negotiation.

Vega could be the new star of Cruz Azul (Jammedia).

How are the talks going between Alexis Vega and Cruz Azul?

was the person in charge of providing new information about the case Ike Carrera, known as Carrismo on social networks, ,Apparently, first Chivas and then representatives of Alexis Vega are pushing the “league” as much as possible so that Cruz Azul can offer a better contract.,

,An agreement has been reached between the clubs, with the contract between the player and Cruz Azul being reviewed to reach an agreement between all parties. No Mexican team or teams outside of Mexico are interested in Alexis Vega, only Cruz Azul“, he elaborated.

Cruz Azul’s new strategy?

It should be remembered that Vega will have a pass in June 2024. Following this line, reporter Carlos Córdova also gave details: “Chivas applies pressure and filters the interest of many teams, even European teams. Cruz Azul will only have to wait a few days to talk with Vega and the Pitz group because talking is free from January 2nd and visiting is free in June.,

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