OpenAI CEO Sam Altman plans to revolutionize the chip industry with billion-dollar investment

OpenAI’s Sam Altman wants investment of up to $7 billion to revolutionize the semiconductor industry. (Sven Hopp/dpa/Europa Press)

In an ambitious effort to bring about radical change at the global level semiconductor, Sam AltmanCEO of OpenAI, is looking for an investment that could amount to between $5,000 and $7,000 million. The project aims to increase global chip manufacturing capacity, a key element for growth artificial intelligenceAccording to a report by Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

the occurrence of chatgptIssued by OpenAI In November 2022, it has been remarkable to reach a record as The fastest growing consumer app in historyWith more than 92% of companies fortune 500 Using the platform.

This initiative comes as a solution to the challenges faced by OpenAI For its growth, especially due to scarcity and high cost ai chips The need to train large language models, such as those that underpin AI systems chatgpt, ,These types of chips, known as graphics processing units or GPUs, are not enough to fulfill our quest for artificial general intelligence, “What we define as systems that are far more intelligent than humans,” he said. altman,

Nvidia leads the AI ​​chip market with a value of about $1.72 billion. (Reuters/An Wang)

This project, whose interest is important investorsincluding the government of united arab emiratesaims not only to increase global chip production capacity, but also Expand the possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI) By improving and enhancing graphic processing facilities.

this ambition of altman The growth in global chip production not only reflects the growing demand for advanced chip technology aye But it also highlights the lack of critical infrastructure needed to support it. global industry semiconductorThe company, which recorded global sales of $527 billion last year, is expected to grow to $1 billion annually by 2030, while global sales of manufacturing equipment semiconductorThe expensive machinery needed to operate chip factories was worth $100 billion last year, according to industry group estimates semi,

for chip market artificial intelligence has experienced a significant surge led by companies like NVIDIAwhose market value has more than tripled in the last year, Motivated by the increasing demand for generative language models. With nearly 80% control of the AI ​​chip market and a market value of close to $1.72 billion, NVIDIA Emerging as one of the most valuable companies in the tech sector, which only the giants can surpass Amazon And Alphabet,

AI chip shortage hinders OpenAI’s progress in advanced artificial intelligence. (ASML/Michel de Heer/Reuters)

This is not the first attempt altman to influence the market semiconductor, Before being removed from his post for a short time OpenAIwas seeking billions of dollars for a new, as-yet-undeveloped chip company called “”.Leopard, According to this project cnbcfinally tried to compete NVIDIAwhich led to altman to travel to Middle East Looking for financing. Apart from this also invested in Rain NeuromorphicsA start up of chips aye For which he signed a letter of intent to spend $51 million on his chips.

altman has expressed interest in building dozens of chip manufacturing plants in the coming years, with funding coming primarily from investors Middle East and will be built and operated by TSMC,

OpenAI talks to Microsoft To increase its processing capacity. The existing partnership with the tech giant, which recently crossed a $3 billion valuation stemming from investor enthusiasm for its efforts aye and its relationship with OpenAIPlays an important role in this project. Satya NadellaCEO of MicrosoftAnd kevin scottDirectly informed by CTO Sam Altmanleader of OpenAIAbout this Expansion plans including increasing chip capacity,

Sam Altman plans to build dozens of chip manufacturing plants in the coming years with financing from the Middle East. (Reuters/Florence Low)

cooperation with G42is a technology company based in Abu Dhabi and presided over Sheikh TahnoonPromises to bring advanced solutions aye for the markets of United Arab Emirates And area. This association, announced in October 2023, has raised concerns in some areas US government Reasons for possible link G42 with China,

In January, Rep. Michael GallagherPresident of House Select Committee on Chinese Communist Partyrequested Gina RaimondoCommerce Secretary, examine these relationships and consider trade sanctions G42highlights the geopolitical complexities associated with the expansion of aye,

longing for altman setting up new chip plants in usa Many challenges are faced including delays, shortage of skilled workers and high costs of operation. a clear example One of these difficulties is the 40 billion dollar project. TSMC In ArizonaIn which delay has been experienced.

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