Patient recruitment begins for a pioneering personalized medicine project in neurological diseases

Research project ‘Personalized medicine in neurological diseases through the application of biomarkers to improve patient diagnosis, prognosis and treatment’, which aims to learn more about diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and advance early diagnosis and alternative therapeutics . The recruitment of patients with this type of pathology has started in recent weeks.

This pioneering project, devised in the Andalusia-Roche Alliance and led by Pedro Serrano, head of the Neurology Service at the Regional University Hospital of Málaga, and Begona Oliver, IBIMA-Bionand researcher, aims to develop scientific methods. Determination of molecular and neuroimaging biomarkers, as well as neuropsychological tools, and their implementation in a group of patients with neurodegenerative pathologies (movement disorders and cognitive impairment) and neuro-immunological pathologies (diseases and diseases mediated by neuroglial antibodies).

According to a note from the Board, for this purpose, the project has brought together a research team composed of clinical and basic researchers from 13 SSPA hospitals located in eight Andalusian provinces and belonging to five research institutes in Andalusia.

Likewise, this Andalusia-Roche alliance means the addition of new scientific-technical services for the detection of biomarkers, technologies that previously had to be outsourced outside the Andalusian Community.

From now on, they are available to all members of the Alliance, Neuro-RECA and the rest of the scientific community for the detection of biomarkers and detection of neuroglial antibodies by SIMOA, which are essential to improve the diagnosis of neurological diseases.

The Andalusia-Roche Alliance for Precision Medical Neurology is a public-private initiative whose scientific activity is led by NeuroReca coordinator Pedro Serrano, head of the Neurology Unit at the Regional Hospital of Málaga.

In addition, it is supported by principal co-investigators María Dolores Jiménez, head of the Neurology Unit at the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville; and Miguel Moya, head of the neurology unit at Puerta del Mar Hospital in Cadiz.

About twenty neuroscience professionals from both research and care sectors from different provinces of Andalusia will participate in this alliance.

The projects and initiatives developed within the framework of this alliance will be structured through Neuroreca, the Andalusian network for clinical and translational research in neurology, thus optimizing the synergy that already exists within the public health system of Andalusia.

This Andalusia-Roche Alliance for Precision Medical Neurology was born in November 2022 with the aim of developing research projects that allow personalized medicine to be implemented in the field of neurology.

To this end, the development and application of molecular and imaging biomarkers will be promoted to offer a comprehensive and personalized approach, with a series of works already underway and raising so far an investment of almost one million euros. Has been successful.

Furthermore, it aims to define a scientific program in Precision Medical Neurology that deepens the knowledge of neurological diseases, relying on leading professionals of Andalusian public health, who will be joined by young researchers, in a project that will create a business Was born with sustainability thanks to public-private cooperation.

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