Peregrine: The first US controlled landing mission on the Moon in 51 years is in jeopardy due to serious technical failures after launch

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The Vulcan rocket took off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, and sent the Peregrine spacecraft toward the Moon.

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The United States space module mission that took off this Monday from Cape Canaveral (Florida) with the aim of achieving a controlled landing on the surface of the Moon is in danger.

The robotic lunar module, named Peregrine, which aims to become the first US spacecraft to complete a “soft” landing on the Moon in 51 years and is Previously operated by a private company, it faced serious technical problems after take off.

The astrobotic company hired by NASA to land Peregrine on the Moon announced in a statement hours after launch that a propulsion failure caused the ship “to encounter an anomaly that caused it to point its solar panels toward the Sun.” Stably prevented from pointing”. System.

The Pittsburgh-based company said in a later note that the faulty propulsion system was leaking “significant” amounts of fuel.

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