Rayados beat Puebla 2-0 after being booed by their fans

after ending in quarter finals by Atlético San Luis apertura 2023 leaguefond of striped He did not fill his stadium and criticized many of his players and even the coach Fernando Ortiz In First day of closing 2024, However, everything changed at the end of the match with a 2–0 win against Puebla.

players like Rodrigo Aguirre, Maxi Meza, Eric Aguirre and Alfonso GonzalezThose who were in the lineup or on the bench for this duel were scolded loudly, but they would get rid of their thorns; Eric assisted Ponchito to score the first goal, which would practically give the points, as it was 2–0 thanks to a pass from Luis Romo to Germain Bertram in the last minute.

Maxi tried to keep her mouth shut, but he failed.

maxi meza In the 12th minute he was close to opening the scoring with a cross shot from the left, but needed a close shot or a teammate to give him the push.

Again at 19′ Maxi appeared, opening a space near the half-circle and from there he fired the ball, which barely passed the ball. Target,

Shortly after, at 21” German Bertram He had a pass on goal, but no one was able to close the clip and a few seconds later, he had a shot on goal, they blocked it and on the rebound he had the ball to try again, And he sent the ball out, leaving people sighing in their seats.


Controversy broke out in the 22nd minute Daniel Alvarez He fell on the grass, a penalty was called because there was contact in a defensive sweep, but nothing was scored. Then at 27′ the ball entered the net pueblaBut an offside was marked and the goal was not counted for the strip.

Puebla improved the game

In the first minutes, Rayados owned the game, but this was only in the beginning, as Puebla gradually reconsidered its play and managed to control the ball; Of course, he couldn’t escape that scare in the 35th minute when Bertarem shot from long range, as he almost missed a goal. Great goal for Argentina,

At 42′, ponchito gonzalez He had a clear opportunity which he missed, thus increasing the fans’ desire to boo him, as they did with Maxi Meza.

the target eventually falls

After this, on the 47th minute, Bertram put the ball on the post. eric aguirre From the right he delivered a precise cross to the near post and German He went up to head the ball and it was great, but the ball crashed.

At 51′, Aguirre again made a good pass into the center of the field ponchito He turned his head back and fired a high shot that hit the crossbar and then fired wide of the goal for a 1–0 lead, thus making up for the reprimand he had received before the game for his goal. Turned into applause.

Puebla got a chance to equalize in the 60th minute, when the goal was scored from the left side. Kevin Velasco He fired a powerful shot, crossed, but well above Andrada’s goal.

Later, unbelievably, Raidos’s secondThe ball bounced several times inside the small area and never went in, even though Bertram was centimeters away from pushing the ball.

Puebla waives Rayados

At 73′ of action, Brian Angulo sent an accurate cross into the center of the field, where martin barragan LineHe took a header with the intention of placing the ball near the postFar away from Andrada, but goes wide of the goal.

miguel sansores It sent fans into shock in the 79th minute, as a dangerous header was marked on goal and miraculously, Andrada made a reflexive save to keep his goal from falling.

And when Puebla pressed the most, Rayados made the score 2–0 on the counter-attack. luis romo He passed the ball to Barterem, who, entering from the right, sealed the victory in the last minute with a shot from close range.

In the end, Andrada also became a hero the gang, because there was still another game left in which the body was used to cover a shot of Pueblans. In this way Monterrey scored three points in the beginning of the tournament.

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