Recharging electric cars is cheaper than buying gasoline, according to study

Currently, owning an electric car is much more profitable than driving a gasoline car.

The first important and beneficial reason is that you can recharge the battery at your own home. The opposite is true with a combustion car, which requires you to refuel at a center authorized for that purpose.

A study conducted by German comparison site Verivox offered accurate data on this topic.

For example, it revealed that recharging electric cars costs 46% less on average When charging at home. This is 38% less than gasoline vehicles and 38% less than vehicles requiring diesel.

What was the research based on?

To conduct the study, Verivox set an annual mileage limit of 12 thousand kilometers. The average price of electricity for homes in the United States is $0.15 per kilowatt hour.

This rate ensures an average annual cost of $972.00 USD. For every 100 kilometers driven, electric vehicle owners receive $8.29 USD.

If electric car owners charge their vehicles at public stations, costs may increase for obvious reasons. In these cases the cost increases to $0.56 USD for a normal full load.

The cost of fast charging stations has also been mentioned in the study. Currently in the United States this price is $0.68 USD per kilowatt hour. The rate per 100 kilometers is $11.38 USD.

Ultimately, the investigation revealed that the gasoline engine cost $1,771.00 USD for the entire year and $14.58 USD per 100 kilometers and an average price per liter of $1,999.55 USD.

Diesel vehicles cost slightly less. Annual analysis gives an average price of $1,584.00 USD and $13.19 USD per 100 kilometers.

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