Selena Gomez made headlines all year long with her no-makeup selfies on Instagram

In the last week of the year 2023, retrospective reviews of the previous year were obtained to provide a feed on the social networking site. In the photos or videos, Internet users are named after the personnel of the moments that marked the two most recent moments. Among Instagram’s most successful stars, Selena Gomez has now been able to transcend trends and s’est enterprise and release a series of 10 clichés called “Moments in Time” or “Instants de Vie” in French. When a woman photographed in maquillage sur, in Plupart, she did not confirm that an eleventh maquillage and more nature were possible, the deviant meme makes up for the small imperfections. Did you message me? The acceptor wants to say this.

Les Celebrities Au Naturel

Having been a master of taking selfies for more than a year, Selena Gomez met her fans at one point, with three couples in Plupart, who filtered the photos and retouched the font. Leses des cliches parfaits qui métanent en scene des mensurations et des physics Photoshop, les internautes refoulant des photos naturelles des celebrities et n’éscendent pas a témoigner leur soutien via les commentaries. Bon Nouvelle? After these announcements, more and more names appear on the posters of our favorite stars in the image of Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Eva Longoria, Millie Bobby Brown, Jennifer Lopez, Drew Barrymore or Sophie Marceau. Praise!

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