Serious Sam 2 IOS & APK Download 2024

Serious Sam 2 IOS and APK Download 2024

Psychology is what Tough Sam hopes to defeat. The universe knows that the enemy of the spirit is immortal.

To make him weak, he must obtain the Medal of Strength. The Medals of Strength are scattered across the globe, but when Sam contacts the Great Council, it says all five parts have been taken by Montar’s minions. Now you must find and retrieve the pieces. Serious Sam 2 is a first-person shooter game full of action elements, showing the atmosphere of a ridiculous duel. There are many weapons, monsters and rewards on each planet.

Cool Sam has an entire arsenal of weapons that can easily pick up medals of power in the hands of our opponents. Our arsenal will include revolvers and pistols. We’ll also have cannons. Rocket launcher. shotgun. Assault rifle. Grenade launcher. Poison arrows. You can find it in many locations on the map. But you need to be curious to discover them. They’re like Easter eggs.

Kongo, the first contestant. Zoom-Zoom is the second competitor. Chen is third. The Clear Mage ranks fourth, and he uses it to perform his magical rituals. This is difficult to obtain as this ritual can kill Sam. Sam is unable to kill the fifth villain, Cecil the Dragon.

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