Shoulders become like rocks with just one exercise and one dumbbell

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  • Toned abs, big biceps and a massive chest are all nice, but don’t neglect your shoulders. In fact, once we leave the gym and want to look good, it is essential to have strong deltoids to look better and bigger.

    If you’re looking to build solid shoulders, and you only have one dumbbell, don’t worry, this workout, which involves hybrid movements combined with the “Stair Protocol,” will get the blood pumping in your upper body in no time. .

    training for rock shoulders

    You’re going to be using a move in a “ladder” format, meaning that after a full warm-up, you’ll do 10 to 1 reps. You’re only using one dumbbell, so you’ll alternate each side. Round, giving both sides enough time to rest before bringing your shoulders back to work, increasing metabolic tension for greater muscle gains. . To execute this protocol, perform ten repetitions with the left arm, followed by ten repetitions with the right arm and then return to the left side for nine repetitions, then 8 on each arm, then 7… continue like this, Keep changing weapons until you reach one. Shoulder-burning one-rep crescendo, finishing with a total of 110 reps.

    If you need to rest at any time to complete your reps, do so, take deep breaths and try to get back to work as quickly as possible.

    CCLIFE Adjustable Dumbbells with Bar for Training at Home

    Adjustable dumbbells with bar for training at home

    CCLIFE Adjustable Dumbbells with Bar for Training at Home

    Hang Clean and Dumbbell Press x 10/10, 9/9, 8/8…1/1

    Stand holding dumbbells. Give it a square shape at the hips to taper down towards the knees. Stand up explosively, reaching straight up onto your toes and using momentum to pull the dumbbells toward your shoulders. If the weight is heavy, push off slightly from your knees and use your legs to help press the weight upward. Hold the weight at the top before slowly lowering it. If your dumbbells are light enough, press vigorously, but always control the downward motion if muscle building is your goal.

    shoulder exercises
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