Simple Gratitude Practice That Removes Fear and Increases Confidence

It is normal for all kinds of thoughts to come to your mind during sleep. Attention, The goal of meditation practice is to feel everything going on in your mind, so, step by step, learn to think more positive,

The quality of your ideas is very important Because your mood reacts immediately to what you are thinking. If negative thoughts bother you, it will be easy for you to feel sad and in a bad mood.

the good news is We can improve the quality of our ideas And we will feel happy immediately. we just have to practice Thankfulness.

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Practicing gratitude improves your life

Gratitude allows us to notice all the good things He is in our life, which immediately gives us a great feeling. physical, mental and emotional well-being, When the mind focuses on all the things that are going well the stress levels reduce and the body automatically feels safe and calm.

When you are sad thinking about what you lack or you long for a goal that takes a long time to achieve, Refocus your mind on all the things that are going well in your life. And the goals that were achieved today and one day were dreams. Automatically, you will feel better in spirit.

If we spend the whole day complaining about what we don’t have, how bad we are, how bad we look, etc. What will happen? Well, it is normal for you to feel disappointed and sad. If you are associated with lack Having thoughts like this: «that’s the only thing i remember,i need another one like this,I’m not enough,i don’t have enough money“, etc., You don’t open the doors to abundance,

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