Six Venezuelans taking refuge in the Argentine embassy in Caracas celebrate the decision: “We feel safe”

A woman walks past the residence of the Argentine ambassador in Caracas, Venezuela (AP Photo/Matias Delacroix)

Former Venezuelan deputy Omar Gonzalez Moreno It was reported on Wednesday that he is one of six opponents of the regime Nicolas Maduro welcomed them at the residence of the Argentine ambassador in Caracas, where, he said, they felt safe. Despite the fact that authorities have disrupted electricity and water supply.

Vente Venezuela party leader Gonzalez Moreno told radio rivadavia Buenos Aires says President Javier Mellí’s decision to host politicians “persecuted” by the Venezuelan government at his official residence is “absolutely courageous”. “We feel safe here”Said about this fact that this has made the bitter relations between the two countries extremely tense.

The political leader did not identify other opponents who are at the diplomatic headquarters. Meanwhile, the agency contacted an employee of the Argentine Foreign Ministry. AP He did not want to reveal their names citing “security” reasons.

The Meili government had reported a day earlier that it had “hosted Venezuelan opposition leaders at the official residence of the Argentine Embassy in Caracas” and condemned the cuts in electricity service at the facilities.

The measure targeting “acts of harassment and persecution against political figures in Venezuela” by the government succeeded. Following the controversial completion of registration of candidates for the general elections on 28 July, in which Maduro aspires to a third term. Changes have been made to the electoral process by blocking the nominations of opposition leader Maria Corina Machado and her replacement Corina Yoris.

Former Venezuelan deputy Omar Gonzalez Moreno

González Moreno said that ever since the Maduro government became aware of the presence of opponents at that location, “a “Diplomatic headquarters under siege.”

“They have cut off our electricity and, successively, our refrigerators, water and basic services. There is video evidence of how officials of Venezuela’s state electricity company removed part of the equipment from the electrical service to Argentina’s diplomatic headquarters, the residence of the Argentine ambassador in Caracas,” the political leader said.

He noted that None of the people sheltered at this location have completed the procedures to request asylum.

The Meili government warned Venezuela against “any deliberate action that jeopardizes the safety of Argentine diplomatic personnel and Venezuelan citizens under protection.” The Argentine government did not name an ambassador and Gabriel Volpi is the chargé d’affaires in Caracas.

“We continue the fight for the liberation of Venezuela. If any of us at the embassy are accused of something, it is because we defend the sacred right of personal freedom, the free market,” González Moreno said.

Argentine Embassy in Caracas on March 27, 2024 (EFE/Miguel Gutiérrez)

Last week Venezuela’s Attorney General’s office ordered the arrest of González Moreno and nine opponents, including Machado’s campaign manager and right-hand woman.whom he accused of being linked to alleged acts of violence to destabilize the government.

According to Venezuelan Attorney General Tarek William Saab, these opponents are involved in a conspiracy that includes attacks on military barracks and other violent actions, including demonstrations.

For his part, Argentine presidential spokesman Manuel Adorni expressed his desire for a “quick resolution” to the situation of Venezuela’s six opponents. “This is a very delicate issue that we are taking step by step,” Adorni told a news conference without giving further details.

Adorni pointed out Argentina’s Foreign Ministry is monitoring the situation and limited itself to expressing the wish that “Venezuela hold democratic, free and unimpeded elections.”


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